Oracle RAC Interconnect Redundancy without bonding (New Feature of 11g R2

That time I was onsite client location.

First time ever got the great experience of Oracle RAC.

Great New feature of Oracle GRID/RAC

With the introduction of Oracle 11gR2 (, the need for IP failover using tools such as bonding/Teaming are no longer required for the private interconnect.

The grid infrastructure within supports IP failover natively using a new feature introduced known as ‘redundant interconnect‘.
Oracle uses its ora.cluster_interconnect.haip resource in order for communication with Oracle RAC, Oracle ASM, and other related services.

Oracle GRID/RAC Architecture

Oracle announce the changes inside the MetaLink note

11gR2 Grid Infrastructure Redundant Interconnect and ora.cluster_interconnect.haip [ID 1210883.1]

Redundant Interconnect Usage

Oracle RAC requires a dedicated network connection between the servers of the Oracle RAC cluster. 
The dedicated network connection, called interconnect, is crucial for the communication in the cluster. 
Using redundant network connections for load balancing and for failure protection is recommended. 
While in previous releases, technologies like bonding or trunking had to be used to make use of redundant 
networks for the interconnect, Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster and Oracle RAC now provide a native 
way of using redundant network interfaces in order to ensure optimal communication in the cluster.

Using redundant interconnects optimizes the stability, reliability, and scalability of an Oracle RAC cluster.

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