Oracle RAC11g R2 – ssh setup fail unable to find


My Platform

Oracle 11g r2 2 Node RAC

Oracle Solaris 10

Problem Description

During installation of Grid Infrastructure on Solaris OUI allows to setup ssh between the nodes.
The following error may occur:

[INS-06001] Failed to perform operation due to internal driver error.
Clicking on Details  displays:

- Unable to find /usr/local/etc/ on node: node1


Oracle Universal Installer checks wrong location for ssh public key and keygen command.
This issue is handled in unpublished bug 10007514 and will be fixed in future releases.


The following workaround can be used:

If some command fails due to wrong path set, user can copy the files locally,
edit and pass the location to runInstaller. for example:

1) copy file from installation tarball to local directory

$ cp Disk1/stage/properties /tmp/properties

2) update the location for the SSH public key and ssh-keygen binary in file
/tmp/properties/ to correct path

$ cat /tmp/

3) reinvoke the runInstaller with specified option:

./runInstaller -J-Doracle.sysman.prov.PathsPropertiesLoc=/tmp/properties

Refer the Oracle Metalink [ID 1310215.1]


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