Datapump – Hands on

Case-1 import backup when you don’t know username

SQLFILE : Write all the SQL DDL to a specified file.

-bash-4.1$ impdp userid=system/manager remap_schema=rm:appgt directory=DB_BKP dumpfile=exp_appgt_11051606200101.dmp SQLFILE=rm.sql

REMAP_TABLESPACE: Tablespace objects are remapped to another tablespace.
REMAP_SCHEMA: Objects from one schema are loaded into another schema.

impdp userid=system/manager remap_schema=QM:netvertexgt directory=DB_BKP dumpfile=exp_netvertex_11051606200101.dmp remap_tablespace=QM:netvertexgt EXCLUDE=TABLE:”IN(‘EDR’,’CORESESSIONS’,’SESSIONRULE’)” TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION=REPLACE

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