Preparation for Exam : Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2018 Architect Associate

Below are the self study approach to start learning oracle OCI…

Study Guide for  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2018 Architect Associate | 1Z0-932

Chapter 1 Identity and Access Management (IAM) 10%

1.1 Apply core Identity and Access Management components
Users, groups and policies, instance principals and dynamic groups

1.2 Explain resource locations
IAM resource component

1.3 Design federation with various identity providers
Active Directory Federation Services
Oracle Identity Cloud Service
Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a standard protocol for web browser Single Sign-On (SSO) using secure tokens.

1.4 Apply IAM, governance, and security best practices
Audit, encryption

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management FAQ

Chapter 2 Networking 30%

2.1 Apply design concepts related to VCN components
Including subnets, route tables, security lists,and DNS options

2.2 Describe Public and Private IP addresses and virtual NICs
Reserved Public and Private IP

2.3 Apply VCN connectivity options
Internet gateway, remote peering connections,and local peering gateways, NAT and service gateway

2.4 Understand remote network connectivity
VPN and FastConnect using Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG), connecting to on-premises

2.5 Apply OCI Load Balancer concepts
Listeners, backend sets, health checks, public and private load balancers, high availability design practices

2.6 Understand OCI Edge services
DNS service and internet intelligence

2.7 Apply OCI networking best practices
Load balancing, VCN peering, VPN, FastConnect, fault tolerance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure VCN – FAQ

Chapter 3 Compute 15%

3.1 Understand compute and sizing
Best practices, available OCI shapes, network bandwidth, SLA, NVMe, performance

3.2 Troubleshoot options using console connections and boot volume
Console connection options and boot volume management

3.3 Architect High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions
Fault domain, availability domains, cross regions

3.4 Describe image options
Oracle provided, customer provided, custom images, BYOI

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute FAQ

Chapter 4 Storage 20%
4.1 Understand OCI Storage options
Storage best practices, storage performance metrics, block volumes, object storage, file storage service

4.2 Designing storage solutions for applications and database
Based on use case, performance, scalability

Chapter 5 Database 25%

5.1 Describe OCI Database options
Best practices, sizing, Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP), Database
Systems, Autonomous Data Warehouse(ADW)

5.2 Explain OCI Database Operations
Backup/restore, patching and Migration, Data Loading for ATP and ADW

5.3 Architect HA and DR solutions
RAC, Data Guard

5.4 Managing Autonomous Database

Click to access adw-technical-faq-public-5069016.pdf


Training by  Deepak Brahmbhatt

Finally I cleared the exam 🙂

My badge 🙂


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