What’s New in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ?

Week of July 4th

Many IT and security leaders today are faced with complex IT infrastructures and growing cybersecurity threats. Download the recent ebook to discover the five trends in cloud security that can help reduce complexity and strengthen cyber resilience.

This new reference architecture walks you through using the graph capabilities built into the Oracle Database – so you do not need a separate Graph database to analyze data connections for common use cases like customer trends insights, fraud detection, improved traceability in smart manufacturing, and more.

Learn how you can use Resource Manager to access private resources on OCI or on-premises

Week of June 27th

Since its launch, OCI Dedicated Region now requires 60-75% less data center space and power on average, with a significantly lower entry price: a starting usage commitment of approximately $1 million a year for a typical customer. This is a unique opportunity for you to benefit from all OCI services within your own premises. Learn all about it and watch the announcement event.

After going public in 2020 and seeing a huge burst in sales during the coronavirus pandemic, Albertsons needed a fast and cost-effective way to scale its human resource operations for the company’s nearly 300,000 employees. They also required a secure method for external vs internal access. With its on-premises human resource (HR) applications nearing end of life, the $70 billion grocery giant decided to migrate those applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). See how Albertsons leveraged OCI for their PeopleSoft deployment here and drill down into more detail about the unique network configuration here.

Watch this short podcast episode where we chat with Ian Brunton, Engineering Manager, Red Bull Racing about their partnership with OCI and how data and a performant cloud helps win races!

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to use Terraform to create and configure OCI resources such as instance pools and load balancers, and to configure autoscaling rules based on key usage metrics.

Week of June 20th

For apps using HTTP, HTTPS or HTTP/2, you can now leverage the new caching and compression service for OCI load balancers to render your web app faster and decrease the load on your backend servers. 

Centrally manage usage across all your organization’s tenancies, share subscription credits, and enforce common cost and governance policies.

The latest release of the OCI Big Data service boasts a slew of major features – including Autoscaling, support for AMD Flex shapes, preconfigured JupyterHub as well as Presto (Trino) that can be managed through Ambari, bootstrap scripts, patch management, and more.

This step-by-step tutorial walks you through installing Jenkins and setting up DR using OCI File Storage. This enables you to set up your Jenkins Controller with automatic failover to ensure reliable operations.

In this first in a series of Built & Deployed videos with Albertsons, we explore their footprint in OCI with and emphasis on their PeopleSoft deployment and the specifics of their multi-VCN architecture. See how they scaled quickly & cost effectively to meet pandemic demand with the help of OCI here

Week of June 13th

Cloud has evolved to the point that we are now living in a multicloud reality. Standards will help disparate clouds interact with each other much more easily and benefit the entire ecosytem.
Oracle is doing its part by following a Cloud Adoption Framework. Find out more about our updates here and see how we stack up to the competition here.

OCI new E4 DenseIO bare metal provides up to twice the number of cores – up to 128 cores, 2.5 times the memory – up to 2TB, and two times the networking – up to 100Gbps, compared to our previous generation of DenseIO2 instances. And with the newer generation of NVMe SSDs on E4 DenseIO, you get up to double the IOPS and 50% higher price-performance than DenseIO2 instances. E4 DenseIO supports both bare metal and our flexible compute virtual machine (VM) instances.

Find out how EZ Cloud reduced payment delays, and eliminated fraudulent transactions with their cloud-native A/P application on Oracle Cloud.

Check out the recent reference architecture to discover how you can deploy Microsoft Remote Desktop Services on OCI, providing a secured, HA environment for your users to be able to run their applications and desktops from the cloud.

 Our Karan Batta talks with Zoe Chilton, Head of Strategic Partnership, from Red Bull Racing about the latest on their partnership with Oracle to improve business efficiency and win more races.

Week of June 6th

Discover how Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and OCI Data Science to advance healthcare research in curing children’s cancer. OCI helps CMRI make the most out of their data while improving efficiencies 30-50%.

The 11th Interconnect region between OCI and Azure Cloud is now live in Singapore, providing a private, dedicated low-latency connection and identity federation for multicloud use cases.

Read how this new integration allows you to fully provision your FastConnect virtual circuits with Colt all from a single pane of glass from within the Oracle Cloud Console. This new integration is available for both private and public peerings.

Watch the short video to discover how APL Logistics leveraged OCI to accelerate digitization, and reinvent the user experience of their legacy application, cutting costs and improving time-to-market. Learn more.

Week of May 30th

Earlier this week, Oracle introduces Network Firewall powered by PaloAlto Networks, Oracle Threat Intelligence, Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector, Oracle Security Zones, and Oracle Cloud Guard Fusion Applications Detector.  Watch this short video to see a demo of all the new services and capabilities and learn more here.

License Manager is a free service that makes it easier for you to Bring Your Own License (BYOL) to OCI with the following capabilities: Automating the license portability from on-prem license to cloud, tracking license utilization, and reporting BYOL resources that have licensing needs.

The new API Usage Plans provide organizations with insights into how their APIs are used by their internal developers and across their external ecosystem. In addition to monitoring their usage, organizations can also unlock new revenue streams by monetizing their APIs with usage plans and subscriptions.

For Premier League, data is bringing fans closer to the game. By leveraging OCI Data Science, Autonomous Data Warehouse and Analytics, they are able to brag and root for their favorite players and teams in new and exciting ways. In fact, data was used as the key driver in two new awards added this year, Most Improbable Comeback and Most Powerful Goal. Billions of data points across the season were crunched to confirm the winners… and this is just the start! Check out how this is calculated here.

Week of May 23rd

As more companies adopt multiple cloud providers to run their applications, you can now seamlessly connect Azure services, like Analytics and AI to Oracle Cloud services. Today, we have over 10 OCI and Azure cloud interconnect regions with more to come. See this latest reference architecture for PeopleSoft on OCI that includes a DR site on Azure.

Maven security scanning is now available as part of build pipelines in OCI DevOps service, as well as Helm chart deployments to Kubernetes clusters. We’ve also improved our other developer tools- with the new Interactive Mode in OCI CLI, and added BitBucket cloud support to the code repo (in addition to the available GitHub and Gitlab connectors).

Researchers in the University of Melbourne ingest, analyze and make predictions based on data from large volumes of Raspberry Pi edge IoT devices. Read this blog to discover their architecture, and watch the short video for an interesting example of running FoguBus2 on OCI, leveraging Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Machine Learning.

Week of May 16th

Easily ingest, search, visualize, and analyze data using OCI Search service for OpenSearch – high performant solution with none of the management overhead.

Multicloud architectures allow organizations to leverage the best services from each cloud along with consistent deployment and management of workloads across environments. Check out our recent article on TechCrunch, as well as the new multicloud reference architecture and offering to help you navigate the brave new world of multicloud.

PUNCH Torino, formerly the global center of excellence for General Motors (GM), is using OCI High-Performance Computing (HPC) to design, model and simulate the next generation of zero-emission engines. Watch the short video to discover the architecture for their solution for predicting flow distribution, pressure loss, heat transfer, and combustion, as well as their performance on OCI.

Accelerate diagnosing of any network issues with Virtual test access point (VTAP) – a new network troubleshooting service that automatically copies traffic that traverses a specific point in the network and sends it to a packet collector or network analytics tool for further analysis.

Watch the video to discover their architecture combining remote desktop server, Autonomous Database (ADB) and APEX.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this document are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.

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