Power of Oracle GoldenGate

We cannot configure the Telecom OSS Database in archive log mode due to heavy concurrency and response time tolerance.

Can I run the source database in NOARCHIVELOG mode?

Oracle GoldenGate reads the online redo logs by default, but will read the archived logs if an online log is not available.
If using in NOARCHIVELOG mode ensure that the redo log files are created with a larger size and more memebsrs are created to
prevent then form being recycled before the Extract process has completed processing them.


1.Oracle Golden Gate
2.Oracle Golden Gate Director(central monitor and admin gui same like OEM)
3.Oracle Golden Gate Veridata(it will make sure that target and source database is in consistently sync)

Oracle Golden Gate Provide several advantages like
zero downtime upgrade
standby database

In my case, I do able to find below two great benefits to pay for Oracle Golden Gate License is worth.

In case of Oracle Data Guard and Oracle Streaming target and source database must be in archive log mode
For Oracle Golden Gate does not mandatory to configure the target database in archive log mode.

In case of Oracle Streaming support only oracle to oracle replication
For Oracle Golden Gate support same as well as heterogeneous platform.