Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)

I attended the 5 days training on “Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) on OCI – Ansible, Kubernetes, Dockers, Terraforms” I played with unlimited hands-on scenarios with on-premises and Oracle Cloud. #IaC #OCI #CLI #Docker #Kubernets #OKE #k8s #ansible

  1. Architecture and Cloud Integration Concept for Ansible, Kubernetes, Dockers, Terraforms.
  2. Install and Configure the Ansible and Create playbook to setup httpd on multiple servers.
  3. Provisioning the Cloud Infrastructure Resources using OCI Ansible modules with OCI Ansible Dynamic Inventory Script.
  4. Terraforms Installation and Manage OCI Always free tier1 Infrastructure Life cycle using Terraform.
  5. Dockers Installation and Pull,Push docker images from Docker hub and OCIR registries.
  6. Installation and Configuration for Kubernetes Cluster using three machines, 1 master and 2 worker nodes.
  7. Provisioning the OKE Kubernetes Cluster and connect the Kubernetes deshboard from local machines.

Successfully Completed Course : HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate

The Terraform Associate certification is for Cloud Engineers specializing in operations, IT, or development who know the basic concepts and skills associated with open source HashiCorp Terraform.

Successfully completed – Learning Terraform by Josh Samuelson